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Christian Rentsch

Systems Engineering Consultant

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new"

The constantly increasing complexity in almost every industry leads more and more to problems in development and to rising rework and warranty costs.

Systems Engineering is a philosophy for developing sustainable and holistic solutions for all forms of events. Events are organizational or technical problems/challenges that occur, but also societal problems/challenges.

This philosophy is often used for complex and complicated events and their solutions, but is not limited to them. Systems Engineering has been used successfully in various industries for a long time.

For technical aspects, we can say that systems engineering takes care of the development of systems as an interdisciplinary approach considering the whole life cycle of a product.

The systems engineering philosophy is based on a structured procedure for finding solutions, which forces all participants in the early phases of a development process into a recurring and iterative analysis process in order to find, analyze and evaluate as many variants of solutions to the existing problem as possible. The aim of this procedure is to show the decisionmakers in the development process at least two possible solutions, which are to be further processed in the later course of the development.

The advantage of this procedure is that a main solution and an alternative solution are continuously processed and pursued right from the start in order to be able to react more quickly to possible changes in the requirements for the solution.

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