"If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got"

Henry Ford

With my calm and structured way of acting, I ensure a calm working atmosphere in the team even in stressful situations. With my hands-on mentality, I actively support my colleagues and employees and lend a hand.

My strengths are an analytical mindset in mastering challenges and my creativity in finding new ways, lucrative business areas, solutions and products.

I am very self-taught and can quickly familiarise myself with new tasks, acquire the necessary knowledge from experienced employees and from standards, laws and knowledge stores and successfully implement it.

My management style is demanding, but also supportive. The ultimate goal is to secure the valuable resource of employees and to form efficient and functioning teams in order to fulfill the tasks efficiently and with pleasure.

September 2020 - Heute

Systems Engineering Consultant

Founding of the Christian Rentsch Solutions to share my knowledge with other company’s across the globe.

September 2020 - Heute

December 2019 - August 2020

Solution Manager Service

Developing a customer solution for a very complex project with the Systems Engineering Philosophy.

December 2015 - November 2019

Bereichsleiter RAM/LCC - Mitglied der Divisionsleitung

Implementing Systems Engineering Basic and Integrated Logistic Support Basics into the Stadler Service Division.

December 2015 - November 2019

October 2013 - November 2015

LCC Specialist Engineer

Cost Optimization based on Systems Engineering and Integrated Logistic Support Basics at Alstom Train Life Services.

April 2010 - August 2013


Implementation of Systems Engineering and Integrated Logistic Support Basics into the Siemens Service Division.

April 2010 - August 2013

August 2005 - March 2010

Werkstudent und Trainee

Various positions as working student and trainee in the Siemens AG.

Let us tell you something

about us

Systems Engineering Philosophy as a tool-set for solving any problem during the development of a complex new product or even for future problems of operation.


Christian Rentsch Solutions is a specialized business consulting company in Systems Engineering and Integrated Logistic Support consulting.

We help national and international companies from all industries to design their development processes with regards of the operation and maintenance of their products.

Our concept for success is based on more than 15 years of experience in the systems engineering environment of the rail vehicle industry, in which, as in aviation, great value is placed on safety, reliability, maintainability and availability of the products.

With us at your side, you will achieve a faster and more reliable time-tomarket for your products and with the right application of the systems engineering philosophy already in the concept development phase of your products, you will be able to reduce warranty and rework costs to an absolute minimum.

For example the Swiss Machine Export Industry exported machines with a volume of 21 Billion CHF in 2019. The expected ratio of warranty, rework and re-designs is at 20% of the total volume, this means 4 Billion CHF.

Wouldn’t it be great to have this amount on your account instead of paying it? - Ask us, how we can make this money available as revenue of your business.









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