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Systems Engineering

SE Consulting to keep complex and long term projects of product developments under control and to achieve the technical and the operational requirements of your customer and the commercial targets of your business.

Integrated Logistic Support Consulting

ILS consulting for the operational requirements of durable and safetycritical products to meet the authority and customer requirements in B2B industries but also in B2C industries to optimize after sales revenue.

Interim Management

In case an employee at a business critical position leaves your company, no matter why, our IM can ensure the know-how transfer to the successor and keeps your business up and running.

KMU und Start-up Support

For SME and Start-Up’s, which normally don’t have employees with our abilities, we offer a special design package to support their product development and business growth.

Our way to do the Job

Systems Engineering with its six major steps to achieve contract defined goals and to benefit your business. This shall give you just an idea of how we work. Final details of the consulting you may need may vary. Steps marked with an asterisk (*) during the consulting flow allow you to stop further work in the review meetings.

Step 01

Identifying the need of Support

The first and most important step starts with you. You will need to identify your needs of external support and to decide if this is for you.

Step 02

Defining the Scope of Consult

In this step we need to identify roughly your issue and define the Scope of Consulting you may need with the targets to be achieved in a defined time.

Step 03 *

Pre-Study in the Development

The pre-study in the development process shall identify possible solution neutral variants of solving the issue.
MS: Decision Maker Review I

Step 04 *

Detailed Study in the Development

The detailed study develops possible variants of the selected one of the pre-study but is still solution neutral.
MS: Decision Maker Review II

Step 05 *

Main Study in the Development

The main study starts to detail possible additional variants to solve the issue based on the results of the studies before.
MS: Decision Maker Review III

Step 06

Solution Implementation

After we defined the main and backup variants in the studies before and decided which will be the main and which the backup we start with the implementation.

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